Haslemere Motorcycles go Electric

The folks at Haslemere Motorcycles only choose to stock a motorbike if they like it, it meets their expectations and they believe it is a product that they can support. So I was very pleased to hear that as of this month they have made the decision to stock Zero motorcycles range of electric motorbikes.

Zero S Electric Motorbike

We were lucky enough to have one available at the Eco-station open day in October and it gained a lot of interest so we are so pleased that they are now available here.

Electric Motorbike at the Eco-station opening.

For more information on the bikes that are available visit Haslemere Motorcycles website at http://www.haslemeremotorcycles.co.uk/Zero.htm or drop into their showroom on Petersfield Road, Whitehill, Hampshire GU35 9AR.


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