2013…A Walk in the Park

It’s that time of year again. That point where we look forward to a new year and make a New Years resolution or two (and then try to keep them going beyond the 2nd January)!

For me this means aiming to (once again) get more active without having to pay for a gym membership. Free or cheap activities are my favourite and the cheapest way of keeping fit for me is going for regular walks. Wherever possible I swap a car journey for a walking journey to save petrol and keep fit, but this isn’t a particularly sociable activity. Therefore, for those of you who prefer to be more sociable, why not join a walking group? Not only do you meet new people but they can also keep you motivated to continue walking.

Even better news is that there are opportunities in Whitehill & Bordon to meet new people and join in with walks in the local area.


The Walking for Health programme currently includes one weekly walk  (green box)  around Whitehill & Bordon.Weekly Walk

There is no need to book, just arrive prepared for an outdoor walk and meet shortly before the walk starts.

Other walks are also available in neighbouring towns and villages, including Headley, so check out the Walking for Health website for more information.

walk 3In addition to the Walking for Health programme the Deadwater Valley Trust also organise weekly walks on Wednesdays (purple box).

I know this won’t suit everyone but considering that walking an extra 20 minutes each day can burn off as much as 7 pounds of body fat per year, as well as providing numerous health benefits, surely getting out and about on foot makes sense.

So here’s to a Happy and Healthy 2013 and the hope that you return home with less mud on your wellies (and jeans) than I did on a recent walking adventure!!

2012-12-30 11.02.24


2 thoughts on “2013…A Walk in the Park

  1. Following an update to the Walking for Health program, less than a fortnight after publishing this post originally, I have updated the information shown here (on January 16th 2013) to make sure the correct walks are advertised. Sorry for any confusion!

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