Discoveries from a long weekend in the snow lane!!

With the arrival of snow last Friday came the departure of safe driving conditions for many of us. For my own safety (and due to the fact that I live off a hill that isn’t on a gritting route) that meant leaving the car outside my house and basically trialling a car free life for a few days.

The long weekend involved changed plans, time working from home and a lot of walking. I walked to do my weekly shop, I walked to see my friends and I walked to the park to build a snowman.IMG_1356

But what did I learn…well:

  1. The shops weren’t as far away as I thought they were.
  2. Sturdy boots, thick gloves and layering were vital. (Note to self…one thick layer makes you far too hot! It’s all about lots of thin layers.)
  3. Snow is not so fun to walk on after a few days (bit too icy).
  4. I can’t throw a snowball to save my life.
  5. I survived without my car!

I’m not going to say I wasn’t relieved when I was able to free the car from the ice and snow, (remove the snowman from the roof!) and get back to ‘normality’ this week but I’m pleased to say that being reminded that I can survive without my car was useful. If only to encourage me to save on petrol money and keep up walking short trips.

Enough about my weekend though…how did the rest of your cope? Were you without your cars and did you discover walking wasn’t so bad?


Snowman on my car roof – He was removed before I drove anywhere!!!


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