Pothole season

potholeIt’s that time of year again – pothole season – where if it isn’t cold weather it is wet weather that has caused yet another pothole to appear. Driving and cycling around becomes more tricky and you start to wonder whether the holes will get fixed this week or next.

Whilst all public roads gets checked regularly it’s not always possible for whoever manages the roads to find the pothole before it becomes a problem, and if they don’t know about it it’s not going to get fixed for a while. 

Fix meSo what can I do? Well you don’t need to resort to marking up each pothole yourself (like one Dorest resident has done recently ). Instead, from the comfort of your own home, you can make sure the potholes you see get fixed sooner rather than later by reporting the potholes (or other highway problem e.g. flooding, street lights out, etc) yourself.

By giving a few bit of information, such as the location of the problem and, in the case of potholes, their size, the problem can be passed on to the correct person to be dealt with. Not only that, with some sites you can see if the pothole has already been reported and track progress on its repair.

The main sites I’ve found for reporting a pothole in the UK include:

For those in Hampshire the website is http://www3.hants.gov.uk/roadproblems and the telephone number is: 0845 603 5633.

To give you an idea of what you might expect from the pothole reporting part of the website the following is a step by step guide to reporting a pothole:

Step 1: Use the link above to reach this page and then click on Report a Pothole.

Scan 1

Step 2: Either put in a postcode or click on the map to record the location of the pothole.

Scan 2

Step 3:  A flag should appear with a text box that invites you to Report a Problem or Remove my Selected Location. (If a problem has already been reported it should be shown on the map as well.)

Scan 3

Step 4: If you select Report a Problem you are asked to complete a few questions to give more information on its location and the size of the pothole.

Scan 4

You don’t have to leave your details and should take no more than a few minutes of your time.

Finally, I was pleased to see two guys from Hampshire County Council filling a pothole a couple of weeks ago, outside the Eco-station! I can’t claim that I reported it but repairs are being completed in the town. (Sorry about my poor photography skills!)Repaired pothole in Bordon 1


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