Zero’s coming to Haslemere Motorcycles

Having been the first to break the news that Haslemere Motorcycles were going Electric we are so pleased to hear that Zero Motorcycles have made Haslemere Motorcycles its exclusive motorcycle dealer in the South East.

2013_zero-s_studio_black-ra_1680x1200_pressThe all-new 2013 model line features motorcycles with over 130 miles+ range on a single charge and as they cost less than 1p per mile to operate Zero Motorcycles offer owners a true motorcycle experience while saving on costly petrol and virtually all routine powertrain maintenance.

2013_zero-s_action-02_1680x1200_pressDan Lynch, Country Manager (UK) for Zero Motorcycles, said, “Haslemere Motorcycles is the most respected motorcycle dealer in South of England and we are looking forward to building a longstanding relationship with them. With our recent strides in electric motorcycle technology the people of Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex can now purchase a fun, efficient, high-performance electric motorcycle.”

“It benefits everyone in the South, from motorcycle enthusiasts to future generations who will depend less on petroleum and more on building a cleaner environment for all.”

Zero Range of BikesFor more information on the bikes and to book a test ride contact Haslemere Motorcycles on 01420 488290 or visit Also, feel free to check out the bikes by dropping into their showroom on Petersfield Road, Whitehill, Hampshire GU35 9AR.


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