Go quackers at the Eco-station this Saturday for Climate Week

This Saturday (9th) we’ve got loads of FREE activities going on at the Eco-station for Climate Week. Not only are we having ducks, chickens and turkeys visit, we are hosting a seed swap  and for those of you who want money saving ideas we will have folks on hand with information and advice that could work for you.

Chick handlingWe will be hosting ducks, chickens and turkeys at the Eco-station, having baby chicks available for handling and helping to answer questions if you’re thinking about keeping these birds yourself. There will also be talks at 11am and midday about the birds and how to look after them.

For the seed swap we’re asking people to bring along any seeds that they have too many of or don’t need any more and swap them. So why don’t you see what other seeds you could get and give growing something new a go.

We will also be providing information about how to save money by saving energy, make the most of your food and offering tours of the zero-carbon Exhibition House.

Climate Week raises awareness about things each of us can do to help the planet and live more sustainably. The activities that will be happening at the Eco-station on Saturday aim to give everyone ideas about how to do that.

Sarah Main, from Mill Cottage Farm Experience, who will be bringing the birds, said: “Becoming aware of where our food comes from and what goes into making it is important. We look forward to encouraging people to keep chickens and grow vegetables in their back garden – it is surprising how easy it is”

We will be open from 10am – 1pm on Saturday. The Eco-station is on Camp Road, Bordon, Hants, GU35 0LH. For further information about our week day opening hours visit www.whitehillbordon.com/eco-station or call 01730 234329.


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