A325 Consultation – Have your say this week

We are asking residents what they think about possible designs for the existing A325.

The proposals focus on the urban design and traffic management of the road as it goes through Whitehill & Bordon and one of the main aims of redesigning the A325 is so that traffic will be more likely to use the proposed inner relief road (which will be consulted in 2014). It is planned that the proposed inner relief road, to be built as part of the new development, will reduce traffic on the A325 creating opportunities to

    • make it more attractive and integrating the new development with the existing community;
    • help to create a sustainable town centre
    • make it safer for walking and cycling
    • make it easier to cross the road

Consultation A325To give everyone an opportunity to have their say, and if you missed the dates in the Forest Community Centre, then the exhibition information will be at the Eco-station between 25th and 28th March. The Eco-station is open on Mondays (9am-5pm), Wednesdays (10am-5pm) and Thursdays (9am-5pm). The proposals will also be available on our website at www.whitehillbordon.com or by using the attached link: http://www.whitehillbordon.com/a325-consultaion/


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