The Welcome Invasion of the Bus Shelters

For those of you who have been very eagle-eyed in the town you may have seen something new appearing along the A325.

Much to the joy of many the Town Council, with funding from Hampshire County Council and East Hampshire District Council, have been organising for the bus shelters on the A325 to get an upgrade. Gone are the old plywood bus shelters and in their place stand the next breed of bus shelter, all shiny and new. Not only that, some stops that were previously bare have now been graced with one too.

The New Shelter

Once the work is finished not only will we have eleven new shelters along the A325 but six of the better existing shelters that once graced the A325 will be relocated to sites along Conde Way.

Very smart bench

The work to do this will be going on for another four to five weeks before the biggest news of all…the new around town service arrives (but I’ll leave that instalment for another week!).


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