Join forces with Switch Hampshire and you could save money on your energy bills

Looking for ways to save your energy bills but fed up of having to investigate which company might be best for you? Switch Hampshire might have the answer .

Picture1Fourteen Councils across Hampshire have joined forces to make Switch Hampshire, to help you save money on your energy bills.

These savings are made by using the combined purchasing power of a number of people to negotiate a better deal on gas and/or electric.

Switch Hampshire will use this system to try to get a better tariff on behalf of the consumers it represents. Firstly thought they need to understand how many people want to switch. And this is where you come in…if you are fed up of hunting for a great deal, confused by energy suppliers jargon or just want someone else to do the hard work for you, sign up today at

Once energy suppliers have been spoken to, you will be informed of the offer and the savings you could make, and you can choose whether or not to switch. If you do decide to switch, Switch Hampshire manage the whole process for you. And if you decide not to switch then that is fine too.

Simply register for free by 3rd June 2013 at Switch Hampshire will add you to its list of interested consumers who want a cheaper deal. You can then leave them to do the legwork and when a great deal comes along they will give you the opportunity to ‘switch and save’.


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