Bus continues to prove popular and it’s getting a facelift!

Eco-busThe latest figures are out and I’m very please to say that we’ve had more than 2,500 bus passenger journeys since the bus launch and we’re now averaging a minimum of 30 passenger journeys every day (and that’s on a quiet day!).

Having been out and about on the bus in the last few weeks I can safely say that those using the bus are glad it’s running, as everyone was positive about the service, with one gentleman describing the service as a ‘God send’.

I also got talking to Iris Lester, a local resident who has tried all three routes, and she said, “People are finding it very useful. I think it’s a very good thing for the town.”

The bus costs £1.50 for an adult single and £2.25 for an adult return and is 75p or £1.15 for a child (single or return). Older person’s bus passes are accepted.

Details of the bus route and timetable can be found on our website at: http://www.whitehillbordon.com/transport/

Next month will also see the bus spruced up with the winning design from our schools bus design competition. 

Patricia Parratt, from Bordon Junior School, and Dylan Appleby, from Weyford Junior School, won over the judges with their fantastic design and slogan, which are displayed at the Eco-station. These designs have been worked up over the summer and last week saw Patricia came into the office to put her final seal of approval onto the design.
Patricia and her design
Now it’s just a waiting game until the design is ready to go on the bus in a few weeks. I can’t wait!!

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