New bus proves popular

The newest addition to the public transport options in Whitehill & Bordon, the Eco-bus, is proving popular with more than 1000 passenger journeys in its first eight weeks of operation.

Between mid May and early July the service has grown from an average of 14 passengers a day to 27 passengers a day and we hope it will continue to increase as more people try the service.


The service which runs three routes around the town and nearby villages (including Blackmoor, Greatham, Lindford and Standford) is certainly being used.

An adult single fare is £1.50 and a return ticket costs £2.25 (Child single: 75p, Child return: £1.15). The bus also accepts older person’s bus passes.

Please find the Bus Route map and Bus Route timetable attached. This information can also be found on our website, ( at the Forest Community Centre, the Eco-station and on bus stops along the route.


Remember when petrol was 46p per litre? It still can be.

46p petrolI haven’t lost my mind I promise. Petrol really can be 46p a litre if you share a journey with 2 other people.

This isn’t something that is completely off the wall either. Parents regularly carpool to save both time and money when getting their kids to and from school or activities. Co-workers do it too, maybe only once a week, but every little change helps when it comes to saving pounds.

One group of guys have even saved £100,000 between them by car sharing (read their story here) so why don’t you give it a go?

If you’re not sure where to start, or don’t know anyone you could car share with, why don’t you visit It’s FREE to join and links to thousands of other users to ensure that if there is someone going your way you can find them.


Free activities this Saturday!!!

This Saturday (9th February) the Eco-town team invite you to test your driving skills (to make your fuel go further) and take the time to spot some local wildlife. 

goldfinch[1]For all you early birds (no pun intended), there is a FREE guided bird watching walk leaving from the Eco-station at 8:30am (so please dress appropriately)!!    

The route will take in Bordon Inclosure and the Deadwater Valley Local Nature Reserve before returning to the Eco-station around 10:15am where a hot drink and cake will be available (first come, first served).

great%20tit1[1]Led by Deadwater Valley Trust’s Eco-town ranger and with support from the RSPB (North East Hampshire group) we are hoping to see finches, thrushes and maybe even a heron or egret.

Also, if your interested in other walks please take a moment to look at one of the earlier Blog post: 2013…A Walk in the Park.

Secondly, for those drivers among us who want to make their fuel go further the Eco-station will have a driving simulator available for you to test out some fuel saving driving tips. Small changes to the way we drive can help make the fuel you put in go further so why not come down and trial your skills, for free, between 10 am – 1pm at the Eco-station.

The Eco-station and Exhibition House will also be open from 10am – 1pm so come along and find out what the plans are for the town. (For information on our address and week day opening hours visit


With snow falling in Whitehill & Bordon (and much of the rest of the UK) what better time to talk about the white stuff and how to deal with it.

Now first off some potentially much needed advice…yes folks you CAN clear snow from in front of your house and your neighbours houses if you wish. The Met Office have set out some guidance  (The Snow Code) to give residents some useful tips. Including the following:

  • Pay extra attention to slopes and steps. These areas are likely to need more salt to keep them ice free.
  • Never use water to clear snow. This can re-freeze as black ice and cause more problems as it is harder to see.
  • Table salt or dishwasher salt can be used on your driveways. If you don’t have any salt then sand or ash can be used. Whilst it doesn’t melt the snow as well as salt it provides extra grip in the snow compared to doing nothing.
  • Please do not take salt from the Highway salt bins for personal use. This salt is provided to keep public roads and footpaths clear.126_N4_webview

Secondly, getting about today…for those of you who drive to work I’m sure you will have noticed just how clear the main roads were this morning. Today’s 6am gritter run clearly did the trick!

To stay up to date with the latest news about traffic and travelling in bad weather follow @Hantsconnect and @ROMANSE on Twitter or listen to your local radio station. Further information about driving in snowy conditions can be found on Hampshire County Council’s website at

Walkers and cyclists please remember that footpaths and off-road cycle tracks don’t normally get gritted so assume they haven’t been and take care!

Finally, some of you may not have seen this post from a month or so ago; make your petrol go further this winter! Useful advice with temperatures currently hovering around the 1 degree Celsius mark!

Make your petrol go further this winter!

Whilst petrol saving tips are always welcome, for those who have to drive, they are particularly important during the winter months. This is because as the temperature drops below approximately 4 degrees celsius vehicles become less efficient.road sign: ice

As a result of this it’s harder to get the miles from the fuel you put into your vehicle so here are just a few suggested tips to make your fuel go further in the run up to Christmas:

  • Check your tyre pressure – Under inflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by up to 4% so check your tyres monthly. It is also important to note that under inflated tyres are not any better for grip then correctly inflated tyres during the winter. If grip is a problem changing to all season or winter tyres is far better.
  • Maintain your vehicle – Vehicles which are running well work better, are better able to survive the winter and are more efficient so make sure you get your vehicle serviced regularly and check the oil and water.
  • Know where you are going – With the festive season in full swing you’re likely to be making additional trips to visit family and friends. But with an estimated 350,000 tonnes of fuel wasted every year by drivers who are lost it’s always worth checking your route, particularly so you know which roads will be gritted.
  • If you aren’t driving turn off the engine – Whilst it’s tempting to get the car or van warm before you get into it on a cold day it is important to remember that an idling vehicle continues to use fuel.  Do make sure all your vehicle’s windows are free from ice, dirt or snow before driving away but once this has happened you are good to go.
  • Combine journeys – Plan your errands so that you do them all whilst you’re already out. Not only does it mean that your car will already be warmed up and more efficient than a cold car but by planning a route it can also help minimise the distances travelled.
  • Do you need to drive? – Internet shopping means that not only can you avoid trawling the high-street for gifts and visiting the supermarket to stock up on festive treats but you also save on petrol by not making the journey.

For more fuel saving ideas visit the Whitehill Bordon Driving pages or, for dedicated fuel savers, further techniques can be found by searching for Hypermiling online or visiting

For further winter driving advice visit the AA’s website for more information on Driving in Winter.