Free Food and Drink!!!

Tomorrow (Saturday 17th August), between 10am – 1pm, we’ll be offering visitors to the Eco-station and Exhibition House free BBQ food, fruit smoothies and Dr Bike bicycle health checks!!

Free BBQ food (including a vegetarian option) will be available on a first come, first served basis and we’ll have the fire brigade on hand too to offer residents advice on safe barbecuing this summer.

AltBikeShakesta12The guys from the Alternative Bike Company will be joining us and bringing with them their brilliant pedal powered smoothie bike. With tasty options like Banana Split and Summer Special you’d be mad to miss out (on a first come, first served basis). Our brilliant Dr Bike will also be back doing summer holiday bike health checks.

So why not brave the typical British weather that is forecast and come and enjoy all the free activities this Saturday!

The Eco-station is on Camp Road, Bordon, Hants, GU35 0LH. For further information about our week day opening hours visit or call 01730 234329.


Design competition winners to give Bordon bus an new look

The new Whitehill & Bordon bus is going to get a new look, thanks to the children from the town.

On the 13th May 2013, when the bus was being launched, we were also launching a competition with local junior schools (Hollywater School, St Matthews Church of England Primary School, Woodlea Primary School, Bordon Junior School and Weyford Junior School)  to get students to come up with designs for the outside of the bus.

The children were asked to come up with ideas for the back, front and sides of the bus and we were inundated; with over 200 entries.

On Friday (12th July) the judging panel, including Rob Allerston from the Phoenix Theatre, Graeme Fraser from AMK (the bus company running the service) and the Mayor, Tony Muldoon settled down to find a winner.

Some of the judges (L-R - Rob Allerston (Phoenix Theatre), Cllr Tony Muldoon (Town Mayor), Greame Fraser (AMK), Cllr Chris Wherrell (Deputy Mayor) and Ann Wherrell)

Some of the judges (L-R – Rob Allerston (Phoenix Theatre), Cllr Tony Muldoon (Town Mayor), Greame Fraser (AMK), Cllr Chris Wherrell (Deputy Mayor) and Ann Wherrell)

With so many to go through we did wonder if we would agree on anything but as the judging neared its end it was clear that we were all in agreement.

So, with a unanimous vote, in first place was Patricia Parratt from Bordon Junior School. Her designs on the drivers and boarding side of the bus, which combined both the urban and rural nature of the town, were great and we loved the rabbit design.

In second place Dylan Appleby from Weyford Junior School won over the judges with his slogan ‘Next time you see me hop on’ which combined brilliantly with Patricia’s rabbit design.

Dylan Appleby (2nd prize winner),  Kim Hardwick (Town Transport Manager) and Patricia Parratt (1st prize winner).

Dylan Appleby (2nd prize winner), Kim Hardwick (Town Transport Manager) and Patricia Parratt (1st prize winner).

The judging panel agreed that both Patricia and Dylan’s designs worked so well together that both designs would be included in the final design for the bus. As part of the first prize Patricia will also be invited to see her design being worked up, before it’s launch in the Autumn.

A special mention also went to Madison Cottrell from Woodlea Primary School. Her animal design, which included a rainbow zebra and a blue spotted giraffe really won over the judges with its inventiveness.

To see the top three designs you’ll need to come to the Eco-station, from this Saturday (20th July) as we will be displaying copies of Patricia, Dylan and Madison’s work. We will also be presenting some of the other 200 entries, at the Eco-station, over the course of the summer holidays so pop in to see a selection of the brilliant entries we received.

Once again, a massive congratulations goes to our winners and thanks to all the students who submitted entries. We are really looking forward to seeing the final design in the autumn.

Go quackers at the Eco-station this Saturday for Climate Week

This Saturday (9th) we’ve got loads of FREE activities going on at the Eco-station for Climate Week. Not only are we having ducks, chickens and turkeys visit, we are hosting a seed swap  and for those of you who want money saving ideas we will have folks on hand with information and advice that could work for you.

Chick handlingWe will be hosting ducks, chickens and turkeys at the Eco-station, having baby chicks available for handling and helping to answer questions if you’re thinking about keeping these birds yourself. There will also be talks at 11am and midday about the birds and how to look after them.

For the seed swap we’re asking people to bring along any seeds that they have too many of or don’t need any more and swap them. So why don’t you see what other seeds you could get and give growing something new a go.

We will also be providing information about how to save money by saving energy, make the most of your food and offering tours of the zero-carbon Exhibition House.

Climate Week raises awareness about things each of us can do to help the planet and live more sustainably. The activities that will be happening at the Eco-station on Saturday aim to give everyone ideas about how to do that.

Sarah Main, from Mill Cottage Farm Experience, who will be bringing the birds, said: “Becoming aware of where our food comes from and what goes into making it is important. We look forward to encouraging people to keep chickens and grow vegetables in their back garden – it is surprising how easy it is”

We will be open from 10am – 1pm on Saturday. The Eco-station is on Camp Road, Bordon, Hants, GU35 0LH. For further information about our week day opening hours visit or call 01730 234329.

Free activities this Saturday!!!

This Saturday (9th February) the Eco-town team invite you to test your driving skills (to make your fuel go further) and take the time to spot some local wildlife. 

goldfinch[1]For all you early birds (no pun intended), there is a FREE guided bird watching walk leaving from the Eco-station at 8:30am (so please dress appropriately)!!    

The route will take in Bordon Inclosure and the Deadwater Valley Local Nature Reserve before returning to the Eco-station around 10:15am where a hot drink and cake will be available (first come, first served).

great%20tit1[1]Led by Deadwater Valley Trust’s Eco-town ranger and with support from the RSPB (North East Hampshire group) we are hoping to see finches, thrushes and maybe even a heron or egret.

Also, if your interested in other walks please take a moment to look at one of the earlier Blog post: 2013…A Walk in the Park.

Secondly, for those drivers among us who want to make their fuel go further the Eco-station will have a driving simulator available for you to test out some fuel saving driving tips. Small changes to the way we drive can help make the fuel you put in go further so why not come down and trial your skills, for free, between 10 am – 1pm at the Eco-station.

The Eco-station and Exhibition House will also be open from 10am – 1pm so come along and find out what the plans are for the town. (For information on our address and week day opening hours visit

First Steps

Welcome to the newest edition to the Eco-town project…a transport blog. Maybe not everyone’s idea of a thrilling blog topic but one that is close to my heart and important to the residents in the town.

Over future posts I hope to not only keep people up to date with the work I’m doing (as the Town’s Transport Manager) but also to highlight transport options in and around Whitehill & Bordon.

So before we start moving forward, here are just 5 things which have already happened in the world of Whitehill & Bordon Eco Town in the last few months, that you might not know about.

Opening the Eco-station – In October we were lucky enough to have actor Hugh Bonneville officially open the Eco-station. The site includes both an exhibition space about the Eco-town and a demonstration house showing just some of the latest environmental technologies available. If you weren’t able to attend on the day have a look at this short video highlighting just some of what went on: Eco-station opening video

Gained a Liftshare Website – Whitehill & Bordon now has its very own liftshare site, linking with Hampshire County Council to offer residents a liftshare option. 

Updating the Transport pages of the website – The original transport pages of the Whitehill & Bordon website were ok but not great. Now they have more information and are more engaging…and they should continue to improve in the coming months.

Working with local groups – Both schools and community groups have received transport help and advice. Dr Bike maintenance days and information packs have been just two of the ways that we’ve done this to date and there is more to come.

Being based in Whitehill & Bordon – And last, but not least, I’m very pleased to say that with the opening of the Eco-station we now have a base in Whitehill & Bordon. For me that means spending at least half my working week (unless I have a meeting) at the Eco-station, including both Mondays and Wednesdays, when the Eco-station exhibitions are open to the public, so please feel free to come and visit us.