Consultation, consultation, consultation

Whilst we’re only a week into this blogging business (and many would feel that this type of topic is just too soon to tackle for such a new site) I have to broach the subject of consultations.

By consultations I’m┬átalking about asking the local residents their views on a number of strategies…and in the firing line currently are four transport strategies.

The transport map of Whitehill & Bordon is changing and to help guide these changes Hampshire County Council have produced four strategies that need your comments by the 14th December 2012. These are the:

  • Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy
  • Draft Public Transport Strategy
  • Draft Traffic Management Strategy
  • Draft Parking Strategy

To avoid any opportunity for bias or miss-information I won’t be providing any sort of summary. Instead I’d ask you to check out these documents yourself at Whitehill & Bordon Consultations. For those people local to Whitehill & Bordon reference copies of these documents can also be found at the Forest Community Centre, Bordon Library and the Eco station. Have your say and get involved in the towns future!