Bus continues to prove popular and it’s getting a facelift!

Eco-busThe latest figures are out and I’m very please to say that we’ve had more than 2,500 bus passenger journeys since the bus launch and we’re now averaging a minimum of 30 passenger journeys every day (and that’s on a quiet day!).

Having been out and about on the bus in the last few weeks I can safely say that those using the bus are glad it’s running, as everyone was positive about the service, with one gentleman describing the service as a ‘God send’.

I also got talking to Iris Lester, a local resident who has tried all three routes, and she said, “People are finding it very useful. I think it’s a very good thing for the town.”

The bus costs £1.50 for an adult single and £2.25 for an adult return and is 75p or £1.15 for a child (single or return). Older person’s bus passes are accepted.

Details of the bus route and timetable can be found on our website at: http://www.whitehillbordon.com/transport/

Next month will also see the bus spruced up with the winning design from our schools bus design competition. 

Patricia Parratt, from Bordon Junior School, and Dylan Appleby, from Weyford Junior School, won over the judges with their fantastic design and slogan, which are displayed at the Eco-station. These designs have been worked up over the summer and last week saw Patricia came into the office to put her final seal of approval onto the design.
Patricia and her design
Now it’s just a waiting game until the design is ready to go on the bus in a few weeks. I can’t wait!!

Dream Green Getaways this Summer

Looking for a dream green getaway this summer but not up for trawling the internet to find transport information as well as holiday locations? Then we might just have the answer for you.

Green traveller is one of a number of sites which highlight inspiring holidays you can go on without having to set foot in an airport terminal.


For starters the site includes information on ferries, trains and coaches to get you to your destinations.

It includes information on home grown holiday options in the UK, such as their guides on Car-free travel in the UK’s national parks, as well as international adventures, like Electric Bike Cycling holidays in Switzerland, Austria, Portugal and Italy.

Finally, the site also gives advice on eco-concious accommodation, days out and places to eat to enable you to tailor your Green Getaway to you and your family.


Other websites with similar advice include Eco Travelling and for those who want more detailed alternatives to flying both Loco2 and The Man in Seat 61 are brilliant sources of information.

New bus proves popular

The newest addition to the public transport options in Whitehill & Bordon, the Eco-bus, is proving popular with more than 1000 passenger journeys in its first eight weeks of operation.

Between mid May and early July the service has grown from an average of 14 passengers a day to 27 passengers a day and we hope it will continue to increase as more people try the service.


The service which runs three routes around the town and nearby villages (including Blackmoor, Greatham, Lindford and Standford) is certainly being used.

An adult single fare is £1.50 and a return ticket costs £2.25 (Child single: 75p, Child return: £1.15). The bus also accepts older person’s bus passes.

Please find the Bus Route map and Bus Route timetable attached. This information can also be found on our website, (www.whitehillbordon.com) at the Forest Community Centre, the Eco-station and on bus stops along the route.

Design competition winners to give Bordon bus an new look

The new Whitehill & Bordon bus is going to get a new look, thanks to the children from the town.

On the 13th May 2013, when the bus was being launched, we were also launching a competition with local junior schools (Hollywater School, St Matthews Church of England Primary School, Woodlea Primary School, Bordon Junior School and Weyford Junior School)  to get students to come up with designs for the outside of the bus.

The children were asked to come up with ideas for the back, front and sides of the bus and we were inundated; with over 200 entries.

On Friday (12th July) the judging panel, including Rob Allerston from the Phoenix Theatre, Graeme Fraser from AMK (the bus company running the service) and the Mayor, Tony Muldoon settled down to find a winner.

Some of the judges (L-R - Rob Allerston (Phoenix Theatre), Cllr Tony Muldoon (Town Mayor), Greame Fraser (AMK), Cllr Chris Wherrell (Deputy Mayor) and Ann Wherrell)

Some of the judges (L-R – Rob Allerston (Phoenix Theatre), Cllr Tony Muldoon (Town Mayor), Greame Fraser (AMK), Cllr Chris Wherrell (Deputy Mayor) and Ann Wherrell)

With so many to go through we did wonder if we would agree on anything but as the judging neared its end it was clear that we were all in agreement.

So, with a unanimous vote, in first place was Patricia Parratt from Bordon Junior School. Her designs on the drivers and boarding side of the bus, which combined both the urban and rural nature of the town, were great and we loved the rabbit design.

In second place Dylan Appleby from Weyford Junior School won over the judges with his slogan ‘Next time you see me hop on’ which combined brilliantly with Patricia’s rabbit design.

Dylan Appleby (2nd prize winner),  Kim Hardwick (Town Transport Manager) and Patricia Parratt (1st prize winner).

Dylan Appleby (2nd prize winner), Kim Hardwick (Town Transport Manager) and Patricia Parratt (1st prize winner).

The judging panel agreed that both Patricia and Dylan’s designs worked so well together that both designs would be included in the final design for the bus. As part of the first prize Patricia will also be invited to see her design being worked up, before it’s launch in the Autumn.

A special mention also went to Madison Cottrell from Woodlea Primary School. Her animal design, which included a rainbow zebra and a blue spotted giraffe really won over the judges with its inventiveness.

To see the top three designs you’ll need to come to the Eco-station, from this Saturday (20th July) as we will be displaying copies of Patricia, Dylan and Madison’s work. We will also be presenting some of the other 200 entries, at the Eco-station, over the course of the summer holidays so pop in to see a selection of the brilliant entries we received.

Once again, a massive congratulations goes to our winners and thanks to all the students who submitted entries. We are really looking forward to seeing the final design in the autumn.

The New Bus is on the Move!!!

For those of you that haven’t heard the news…there’s a new bus in town!!


The Eco-bus (funding by the Eco-town project) is taking in the areas of Bordon, Whitehill, Lindford, Standford, Blackmoor and Greatham by following three loops:

  • The Green Loop serves the east including Lindford and Standford.
  • The Red Loop serves the west of the town, travelling past the Phoenix Theatre and down to Whitehill.
  • The Blue Loop goes via Blackmoor and down to Greatham.

All these loops start and end at the Forest Community Centre and serve Chase Community Hospital.

Attached are links to both the Bus Route map and Bus Route timetable  and this information can also be found on our website, (www.whitehillbordon.com) at the Forest Community Centre, the Eco-station and on bus stops along the route.The new bus at the Eco-station

The bus can seat 20 and uses the latest diesel technology to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. It also has disabled access.

Cllr Ken Carter, East Hampshire District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Community Investment and Regeneration, said: “I’m passionate about improving local transport and I am so delighted that this new bus service is up-and-running.”

Cllr Tony Muldoon, Mayor of Whitehill, said: “This is a much-needed local service and I hope that residents find it useful.

The route and timetable have been sent to everyone living in the town so that as many people as possible can benefit from this Eco-town funded service.” 


Why not give a bus journey a go, in the next week or so, and see what you think about the latest addition to Whitehill & Bordon’s transport options.

The Welcome Invasion of the Bus Shelters

For those of you who have been very eagle-eyed in the town you may have seen something new appearing along the A325.

Much to the joy of many the Town Council, with funding from Hampshire County Council and East Hampshire District Council, have been organising for the bus shelters on the A325 to get an upgrade. Gone are the old plywood bus shelters and in their place stand the next breed of bus shelter, all shiny and new. Not only that, some stops that were previously bare have now been graced with one too.

The New Shelter

Once the work is finished not only will we have eleven new shelters along the A325 but six of the better existing shelters that once graced the A325 will be relocated to sites along Conde Way.

Very smart bench

The work to do this will be going on for another four to five weeks before the biggest news of all…the new around town service arrives (but I’ll leave that instalment for another week!).

Consultation, consultation, consultation

Whilst we’re only a week into this blogging business (and many would feel that this type of topic is just too soon to tackle for such a new site) I have to broach the subject of consultations.

By consultations I’m talking about asking the local residents their views on a number of strategies…and in the firing line currently are four transport strategies.

The transport map of Whitehill & Bordon is changing and to help guide these changes Hampshire County Council have produced four strategies that need your comments by the 14th December 2012. These are the:

  • Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy
  • Draft Public Transport Strategy
  • Draft Traffic Management Strategy
  • Draft Parking Strategy

To avoid any opportunity for bias or miss-information I won’t be providing any sort of summary. Instead I’d ask you to check out these documents yourself at Whitehill & Bordon Consultations. For those people local to Whitehill & Bordon reference copies of these documents can also be found at the Forest Community Centre, Bordon Library and the Eco station. Have your say and get involved in the towns future!