Dream Green Getaways this Summer

Looking for a dream green getaway this summer but not up for trawling the internet to find transport information as well as holiday locations? Then we might just have the answer for you.

Green traveller is one of a number of sites which highlight inspiring holidays you can go on without having to set foot in an airport terminal.


For starters the site includes information on ferries, trains and coaches to get you to your destinations.

It includes information on home grown holiday options in the UK, such as their guides on Car-free travel in the UK’s national parks, as well as international adventures, like Electric Bike Cycling holidays in Switzerland, Austria, Portugal and Italy.

Finally, the site also gives advice on eco-concious accommodation, days out and places to eat to enable you to tailor your Green Getaway to you and your family.


Other websites with similar advice include Eco Travelling and for those who want more detailed alternatives to flying both Loco2 and The Man in Seat 61 are brilliant sources of information.


Walking for Health in Bordon

On Monday I was lucky enough to be invited to join the Bordon Walking for Health group on their free weekly walk around the Bordon area.

With my wellies, scarf and coat at the ready I joined the walkers at their normal meeting point, the Woodlark Pub, Bordon. We then headed off together to our walk’s start point, near Lindford Sports Association hall, to begin exploring some of Broxhead Common. The cold, drizzly weather didn’t dampen spirits either with 16 of us ready and raring to go.

Our route took us around Broxhead Common, along part of the Shipwrights Way, between sheep filled fields, into pine woods and through the heath, all in an hour.


During the course of the hours walk I got to chat to quite a few people and even though it was my first walk with the group I wasn’t long before I felt part of the group. It was also a real mix of ages (20-60+) which was just so nice to see.


The pace of the walk was enough to get the heart going but it was easy to keep up conversations and keep an eye out for wildlife and beautiful scenery.

To end the walk there was also a brilliant opportunity to continue conversations started on the walk over a hot drink back at the Woodlark Pub.

So, if you want to meet some new people and are free on Monday mornings why don’t you come along? (Just make sure you arrive a little early to introduce yourself to the walk leaders and dress for the weather.)

The normal weekly walk for the Bordon group meets at the Woodlark Pub, Bordon, GU35 9AH and leaves promptly at 10.30am. Next week though is the monthly joint grouping walk. This is when the Bordon group joins up with the Kingsley Walking for Health group to explore some of the Kingsley area. This group meets at the Kingsley Centre, Main Road, Kingsley, GU35 9ND on Monday 4th March at 10.30am.

For more information on the next walk you can call either the Kingsley Centre on 01420 479000 or contact Carol, one of the walk leaders for the Bordon group, on 01420 477861.

Free activities this Saturday!!!

This Saturday (9th February) the Eco-town team invite you to test your driving skills (to make your fuel go further) and take the time to spot some local wildlife. 

goldfinch[1]For all you early birds (no pun intended), there is a FREE guided bird watching walk leaving from the Eco-station at 8:30am (so please dress appropriately)!!    

The route will take in Bordon Inclosure and the Deadwater Valley Local Nature Reserve before returning to the Eco-station around 10:15am where a hot drink and cake will be available (first come, first served).

great%20tit1[1]Led by Deadwater Valley Trust’s Eco-town ranger and with support from the RSPB (North East Hampshire group) we are hoping to see finches, thrushes and maybe even a heron or egret.

Also, if your interested in other walks please take a moment to look at one of the earlier Blog post: 2013…A Walk in the Park.

Secondly, for those drivers among us who want to make their fuel go further the Eco-station will have a driving simulator available for you to test out some fuel saving driving tips. Small changes to the way we drive can help make the fuel you put in go further so why not come down and trial your skills, for free, between 10 am – 1pm at the Eco-station.

The Eco-station and Exhibition House will also be open from 10am – 1pm so come along and find out what the plans are for the town. (For information on our address and week day opening hours visit www.whitehillbordon.com/eco-station)

Discoveries from a long weekend in the snow lane!!

With the arrival of snow last Friday came the departure of safe driving conditions for many of us. For my own safety (and due to the fact that I live off a hill that isn’t on a gritting route) that meant leaving the car outside my house and basically trialling a car free life for a few days.

The long weekend involved changed plans, time working from home and a lot of walking. I walked to do my weekly shop, I walked to see my friends and I walked to the park to build a snowman.IMG_1356

But what did I learn…well:

  1. The shops weren’t as far away as I thought they were.
  2. Sturdy boots, thick gloves and layering were vital. (Note to self…one thick layer makes you far too hot! It’s all about lots of thin layers.)
  3. Snow is not so fun to walk on after a few days (bit too icy).
  4. I can’t throw a snowball to save my life.
  5. I survived without my car!

I’m not going to say I wasn’t relieved when I was able to free the car from the ice and snow, (remove the snowman from the roof!) and get back to ‘normality’ this week but I’m pleased to say that being reminded that I can survive without my car was useful. If only to encourage me to save on petrol money and keep up walking short trips.

Enough about my weekend though…how did the rest of your cope? Were you without your cars and did you discover walking wasn’t so bad?


Snowman on my car roof – He was removed before I drove anywhere!!!

2013…A Walk in the Park

It’s that time of year again. That point where we look forward to a new year and make a New Years resolution or two (and then try to keep them going beyond the 2nd January)!

For me this means aiming to (once again) get more active without having to pay for a gym membership. Free or cheap activities are my favourite and the cheapest way of keeping fit for me is going for regular walks. Wherever possible I swap a car journey for a walking journey to save petrol and keep fit, but this isn’t a particularly sociable activity. Therefore, for those of you who prefer to be more sociable, why not join a walking group? Not only do you meet new people but they can also keep you motivated to continue walking.

Even better news is that there are opportunities in Whitehill & Bordon to meet new people and join in with walks in the local area.


The Walking for Health programme currently includes one weekly walk  (green box)  around Whitehill & Bordon.Weekly Walk

There is no need to book, just arrive prepared for an outdoor walk and meet shortly before the walk starts.

Other walks are also available in neighbouring towns and villages, including Headley, so check out the Walking for Health website for more information.

walk 3In addition to the Walking for Health programme the Deadwater Valley Trust also organise weekly walks on Wednesdays (purple box).

I know this won’t suit everyone but considering that walking an extra 20 minutes each day can burn off as much as 7 pounds of body fat per year, as well as providing numerous health benefits, surely getting out and about on foot makes sense.

So here’s to a Happy and Healthy 2013 and the hope that you return home with less mud on your wellies (and jeans) than I did on a recent walking adventure!!

2012-12-30 11.02.24

Consultation, consultation, consultation

Whilst we’re only a week into this blogging business (and many would feel that this type of topic is just too soon to tackle for such a new site) I have to broach the subject of consultations.

By consultations I’m talking about asking the local residents their views on a number of strategies…and in the firing line currently are four transport strategies.

The transport map of Whitehill & Bordon is changing and to help guide these changes Hampshire County Council have produced four strategies that need your comments by the 14th December 2012. These are the:

  • Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy
  • Draft Public Transport Strategy
  • Draft Traffic Management Strategy
  • Draft Parking Strategy

To avoid any opportunity for bias or miss-information I won’t be providing any sort of summary. Instead I’d ask you to check out these documents yourself at Whitehill & Bordon Consultations. For those people local to Whitehill & Bordon reference copies of these documents can also be found at the Forest Community Centre, Bordon Library and the Eco station. Have your say and get involved in the towns future!